We use
creative copywriting,brand strategy,market research,
endless imaginationunique imaginationwild imaginationinfinite imagination
position your businessidentify your targetsbuild your branddiscover your identitydevelop your conceptengage your audiencerealise your dreams
and write
compelling English textengaging English textemotive English text
website contentsocial mediamarketing campaignswhite papersblog postsarticles piecescase studiesproduct descriptionsvoice-over scripts
to tell the world about...
your offeryour productyour businessyour brandand your story



  1. We use creative copywriting, brand strategy & market research
    to get girls to like us,
    to make people think we're important,
    to get filthy rich,
    to position your business, build your brand, develop your concept, identify your targets, engage your audience, discover your identity AND write compelling English text (because we can't write Finnish!) for website content, social media, marketing campaigns, white papers, blog posts, article pieces, case studies, voice-over scripts AND product descriptions to tell the world about...YOUR BRAND!

    (...and breeeaaaathe!)

  2. We are based in Porvoo, Finland (no, it's not too far from Helsinki, in case you were wondering!), but we can help anyone, anywhere, anytime with freelance, remote, short-term, long-term, one-off, repeat, big, or small projects for established/new brands, companies, startups, corporations, tech giants, agencies, and small businesses.

  3. We keep saying 'We', but really it is only 'I' - just one lonely guy, all alone, at his computer working hard to make it look like Rebel Creative is the kind of cool marketing or branding agency you might expect to see Hipsters flying around the office on micro-scooters, saying, 'Sup, Dude!', or 'Hey, Man!'

    ...maybe in the future!

    For now, I'm keeping it personal, bespoke, professional, focused, approachable, and real...Dude!

  4. Let's grab a coffee, or chat over video about what it is you need, and how I can help!

    David Jones
    (Rebel Creative Company - Finland)